The Nightingale Consort's  repertoire currently spans from the 16th  century to the 18th century. Here are two current programmes.

17th and 18th Italian music on the theme of Love. Melodies in turn sensuous and haunting, percussive rhythms and passionate declarations fill this energetic musical programme. With stories of the Florentine Camerata, which included Gallileo's father, we trace the beginnings of expressive solo vocal writing from which opera was born. Music includes songs by Caccini, Monteverdi, Barbara Strozzi, Vivaldi and Gabrielli.

If Music be the Food of Love.....

A lively programme of songs from Shakespeare's plays and Elizabethan England interspersed with speeches from Shakespeare's plays including Ophelia's mad scene. Music includes the popular traditional "Willow Song" used by Shakespeare in Othello and the little known  "Ballad of King Lear" as well as music by Robert Johnson, Morley and Dowland.

New programmes planned for 2014

Once I had a true love....
Folklore and traditional music from the British Isles.

Things that go bump in the night...
Music and stories around Samain/Halloween, the supernatural and other superstitions